Out with the old , In with the Blue

 Track springs into action

WALLA WALLA- For the first time in years as you drive past the highway over Martin Field  you will no longer see hundreds of athletes running around the track for practice or buses pulling up. Now practice is up and moving on the newly build blue track located  on the  Walla Walla High School campus. The track has recently been named Dave Klicker Track.

Senior Tanner Druffel gives instruction on how to hold the pole vault pole to Freshman Erik Muro during practice Wednesday afternoon.

It’s so nice to finally have a Track on campus we get so much more time to focus on kids and getting better. No longer do we have to wait on buses or worry about kids driving across town for practice.

The first week of the season has been such a blessing and it’s awesome seeing how hard and dedicated the athletes are during practice they truly love track and field and it shows. For many running with be considered a hassle but these kids except every challenge and push each other to be better.

The features on the new track are outstanding starting with the brand new track shed , talk about an upgrade this shed is able to hold all the athletes as we take roll and have meetings. This is exciting considering we can stay warm on cold days and dry on wet days.

Running on the track is also night and day compared to what we had in the past. Martin field was great to us for years , but a change was needed. After one week of running on Dave Klicker Track I can say the the concerns with shin splints have decreased. No longer are we having to zigzag to avoid potholes or missing track rubber or running on cement like surfaces.

Driving past Dave Klicker track you will see a team together in chaotic harmony, it is a beautiful sight to witness.

The best part about this week is the leadership I have seen all over the track when you get other track members coach other kids during drills it’s awesome especially when those kids were the ones being coached up last year. There’s no ego on this team we work together , there’s no I on this team , we are a family.

Having the family atmosphere is what makes walla walla track and field so special.

We look forward to welcoming the community to our track family this year , your support of these wonderful kids is appreciated.

This year The Devils will host Three track meets  with the first one being on March 30.

Go Blue devils , Follow us on Instagram today !!



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